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summit front. Cod-liver oil and palliatives for cough.

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face of it. It was the seat of severe lancinating pains. It was

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nature's own remedy. Why? Because the blood is changed

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form of vapour, as in exhalation, or of perspiration, seeming to be

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mentioned, that both operations, in the hands of the most skilful of our

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some of whom were extremely susceptible to mercurialization, who

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ticular hypothesis, or if it go beyond this, and constructs a theory in

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and definite relation, and of the reciprocal influences they and the

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of the uterus, or under a thin lamina of the muscular coat, is

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ciples and laws from the healthy and morbid phenomena of

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greater feeling of discomfort rather than be deprived of its efficacy-

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merely inhaling a little of it has proved fatal, Moreover, administered rcm-

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beneficially be given. Blisters, in the latter stage of the disease,

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opportunity to ascertain, appreciate and determine exactly the modifications

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Dr. Mathews, in his book on '^Diseases of the Rectum," cor-

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called "horns," and these have been supposed to fulfill the

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ralgia of the orbito-frontal nerve, to which he had been subject for

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professors respectively, in order to comparative thoroughness, and the


cases i. e. where sepsis is only slightly marked the

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snores his life away." This laryngismus is not, like the former,

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The Physiology of Menstruation and Conception. By Prof. Bischoff.

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been suspected, all his sufferings, in those parts, might have

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opment of the embryo, in the maturity of the being, and in

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ale has not hitherto been satisfactorily explained. No other

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He who cannot see any difference between the exact, care-

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ous centres, and thence reflected to the affected organ, m other

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A departure from the established usage of the Association, in either

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The above is the last census taken, since which the population

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quite smooth and shining, with the exception of being dotted over

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constituted, entirely or chiefly of the mucous tissue of the ute-

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in a few months. The ulcers extended too near the knee to am-

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eruptions by the following ointment : R. Of powdered cinnabar, 4 parts ;

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desire for greater intimacy or offends and repels us, and inspires aver-

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of the second movement depends upon the thinness, the rigidity of the

zenegra samples

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