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physiul.igical questions, orie exanjinee assened lit t nitrogenous foods

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for qualifications in sanitary science, public health, or ^tate medicine :

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London and Dublin have accepted the invitation of the

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had oeen from time to time a copious discharge of mucus from the ree-

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graphical Distribution of Certain Causes of Death in Massa-

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Gf these, 1 in resulted from whooping-cough, lOS from measles, t?.^ from

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iiowever mistakenly ; and we put it to Mr. Burdett whether it

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the mutual discussion of legal and practical difficulties met with, and by

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•of incision, presented itself, and much difficulty was experi-

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In other words, contractions, which are only moderately

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clavicle he had completely excised five months ago for sar-

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physicians did not devote their early years to her abstract

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should be disposed of prior to entering on the consideration

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liowever, include several communications to the Transac-

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ably of its value in cases where iron could not be retained by

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but the results were conflicting. As far as he recollected, the

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showed itself twelve miles eastward, where he journeyedj and

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to regard the Medical Stafl' as no child of theirs, and ap-

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the other by constipation, but producing a hard, deep-seated

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Fleet-Surgeon Geoboe Maclean, M.A., M.B., has been promoted to be

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place within tlie reach of the present-day student those

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technical data specially supplied to them in each case, but

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cient number, especially on night duty ; (2) the appointment

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100 admissions, and 321 cases still in hospital ; and last week

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disused waterclosets by the side of the boxes at the stage

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sional penalty in the playground, in the Alps, in field sports,

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as possible, for the introduction of a general Public Health

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Mr, F. Penberthy, London ; Mr. T. A. I'apillon, Wolverhampton ; Dr.

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perature was normal. In the course of the next twentv four hours ebe

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