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as a distinct reform, but the other proposals will require

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district is taken to the hospital, without the authorisation or

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in the molecules themselves. The effects of a gross specific

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requirement should be stringently enforced. If it be neces-

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British Gym^cological Society, s.30 p.m.— Adjourned discussion

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Poisoning, an Incompatible Mixture, ' in which he dealt with tlie cause

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cautions for a few weeks, or for a certain limited period, against the

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Liverpool, and Oldham ; .531 small pox patients were under treatment

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opinion thai Mr. B. had, under the exceptional circumstances referred

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true that few forms of sickness are so suggestive of injurious

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d.iily, 2; Obstetric, W., 2; Eye, W., 9; Skin, Tu., 2; Dental,

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on the Etiology of Cholera, by A. Blachstein and .1. Zumpt ;

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copy of the St. Bartholomeio's Hospital and College Handbook

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tion, when properly performed, are infinitesimal. Ex-

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had involved a large amount oi clerical labour. Schedules had

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it might be that they were at the beginning of a series of ob-

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medical department of the dispensary is reserved for women,

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size as the vermiform appendix, and it varies also in position.

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would combine with sufficient sulphuretted hydrogen to

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Corps " are well written, aud are likely to be of great service.

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aSorded of the causation of menstrual suffering in every case

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in order that inlracystic tension may not lead to extravasation

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It may be well for me to mention that by far the most com-

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exertion which is afforded by the knowledge that success as

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(a liberal allowance), and £8 10s. for each of the 41,829 small-

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active hyperremia terminates in this manner. A distinction

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Various F..rms of Orchitis Mr. \. Maude: A Case of Myxo?dema. and

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■says his hearing has been failing, and now he is deaf in the right ear.

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Robin, V. J., Adelaide and King's Weekes, H. H, University College.

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for Dr. Batten gives us three very interesting cases of mus-

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claimed that manganese is an essential and constant con-

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been remarked on by the authors just referred to. The present

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The seventh clause proposes to amend the requirement as

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to the "rush to alcohol " which characterised Mr. Goschen's

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leprosy, will also lead to much criticism : and it seems to us,

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It consisted in the adaptation of a tambour arrangement to a

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aggregate of deaths for the seventeen weeks being 58, a per

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mechanical condition that enables the filaria to quit its sheath.

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tically until we hit oS' the opening. This will at least nearly

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In Icei upon the resignation of Sir George Burrows and the

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more was noticed wrong until about three weeks later, wlien

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