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globe ; for those services are not Fimited to his native land^ but have be-

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These cases may well be treated by the measures which I saw Trousseau

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But these are not all the circumstances that aid in the

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fibroicf tissue ; the mucous membrane of the stomach was

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it is most proper, and the very practice which they

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Out of one thousand soldiers, one hundred and four are sick ; this is the constant

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burner conveniently placed on the operating-table, the in-

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ment, in the Psychological Laboratories of a few leading Univer-

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With a severe lesion sensation of touch, pain and temperature is com-

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" My eyes are being treated with an atropin-cure, and they

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the tendon of the rectus muscle, which were covered thinly by

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Usually only oue hair grows iu a follicle, but twin and triplet

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Rev. med. de la Suisse Rom.. Geneve, Ii:97, xvii. 752-755. —

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2. Mercuric chloride, in concentrations less than 1/120 per cent.,

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saved. Of the wounds of the liver, 5 cases in all, 4 recovered,

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Glucose, or the antiketogenic value of the diet (124.85) multi-

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days of the date on which notice of any final decision by the Board or

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Tincture of Opium, one fluidounce; Syrup of Ipecac, three fluidounces; Honey, four fluid*

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ton C. Hirst, in his article in the American Text-book of Obstetrics, men-

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pressure on some portion of the tract of a sensory nerve. If, how-

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uterus allowed to drop back into the pelvis. In case the uterine

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count of the symptoms, it is evident that the diagnosis of

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available by MASA on a statewide basis and report to

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Small particles of iron or steel are occasionally found

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became adapted in 5 minutes (viz., could see a light corresponding

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