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their destruction, and of the treatment of diseases caused by them.
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not both take the medicine, and brought forth that which
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I believe that vaccination has been most useful in the army, and I
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ting the cartilaginous septum, removing the middle turbinates,
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been referred to by Sir Henry Thompson as having occurred in his
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neck, mustard poultices to the extremities, and the tartrate of antimony.
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the history of grave delirium convinces me that it is
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applicable also to the diagnosis of gonorrhceal septicemia, and possibly
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tions of grip that has not occurred in my experience. Orchitis comes
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weakened. The next day the other came, complaining of rheumatism,
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French, a German, and an American authority, respectively ;
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joint agents at Cleveland, and paying 50 cents, the date can be
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tending to the right. There was a little glandular involve-
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cases the duration of the disease may be almost a year.
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years, while among 163 cases tabulated by Morley Fletcher,^ eight
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Samuel has not been confirmed by Meiraner and others, and the in«
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annual meeting of the National Association to inspire to re-
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these areas to the level of the nipples the temperature-sense only was lost.
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coagulation have been reported very rarely in patients receiving
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the circulation on the peripheral side of the obstruction. Stasis occurs in the
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time he was found in this condition he was apparently perfectly well ;
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TJierapeiUic Gazette that he has found fresh buttermilk very serviceable in relieving
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future material and economic welfare, and, if he is somewhat of a judge
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the abdomen distended and painful, restless, and the pulse almost
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same time, as this latter reaches every part, which the former will
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Dr. Kelson said that, supposing the swelling was solid, not cystic, the case
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unfavorable. An exterior exciting cause is frequently
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employed glycerin tampon. The iodin, acting as a counterirritant,
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into relation with one another, but become no less intimately associated
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about forty cases I find that it cuts short the disease, so that it
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from peritonitis who might be easily saved if the medical profession
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two years before. The acute endocarditis of the aorta devel-

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