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Dr. Theodor Kafka. London : E. Gould & Son, 1885. 23 pp.

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severe cardialgia. It is not always easy to determine its cause ; often it seems

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Found her unconscious, life apparently extinct ; no respiratory

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which increases shock, and is liable to destroy beneficial

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off my stocking, I found a circle round the ankle, as if it had

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a network of iron wire, rolls of metallic cloth. They are all

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during the winter of 1895, but the following March he located at

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later somewhat improved : treatment continued. Two weeks

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Any excitement, worry, or over-exertion serves to aggravate the

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fields of necessary, if not congenial, labor, in correcting the errors

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During the Russo-Japanese War, on the Russian side,

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fermented drink, but will run from them if drunk on spirits.

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fermented and distilled liquors. In another place x I have spoken

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of cholera, participated in by such well-known authorities as

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an interneship of two years of varied practice he gained considerable

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tion, which consisted, in fractures by firearms, in removal of

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apertures and track, like those of the setons, are larger and

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Record" some uncommonly interesting clinical observations by

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For several years he was Chief of the Gynsecological

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ancestry, in a direct line, to William Carpenter, William

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successive layer of bandage being painted with a solution of

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The tendency of pneumonia is towards recovery when left to

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the " Bulletin de la Societe Medicale Homoeopathique de France,"

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grandson. Col. James McCoy Chambers, the grandfather

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lapsus of Bladder, and Treatment of Abortion at Third or Fourth

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with graduation in 1890, receiving his M.D. He located in Buffalo

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can Medical Association, the American Gastroenterological Associa-

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and former president of the New York Obstetrical Society. Fra-

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on your lips ; and, uttered or not, they have been none the less

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upon experiments and results, and has. been so successful as to

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lin, from which he graduated mmma cum laude in 1896. He after-

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dinarily r profound anaemia, comparable only to the pernicious variety. In

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of his great operations hinged not only upon the wide

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