Trimedical Santa Cruz

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well as during numerous other accidental or pathological conditions, is
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He is then said to be acclimated. No doubt-, part of the immunity enjoyed
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The sequelce which are of the most consequence are, ophthalmia,
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remedy and means should be given an honest trial with favor-
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The patient is fat, flabby, and ansemic, the superficial veins
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eight, or nine calendar months, it would make but little difference in
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individual cases was much valued by physicians and surgeons.
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some albumen ; the urea is diminished or has disappeared, and is re-
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In making these criticisms, I wish to compliment the doctor
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Dr. Barnes exhibited a voluminous fibroid tumour weighing one pound and
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brane. Upon the centre of this membrane a small part
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lesions, that is, the eruption, characteristic of smallpox. The abdominal
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beef tape-worm is dwelt upon at considerable length. Lastly,
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perature, and more with boils, and other complications, due to
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For the present, of course, we must account for the great frequency
taken as types. There is still no great weight of evidence as to
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of the abdomen appeared healthy, as also the viscera of the
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parts should, from the very first, be passively moved at least once a day.
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7ty/w*, Groups, or Forms of Specific Yellow Fever, . . . 490
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downward. The bullet entered exactly in the antero-posterioi
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some trouble I succeeded in seizing it and extract-
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sure, may have their function thereby suspended or disturbed, or
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neck of which may or may not be pervious. It is to these latter
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tion is cut off from quite a piece of boue, and it dies;

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