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joint. Temperature, 103 2° F. ; pulse rapid, weak, and inter-
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that the greatest number of pitients suffering from all
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for the relief gained is very temporary, and the efl'ect of the
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left side of the face. Patient cannot close jaw 7th. Complete paralysis
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hiemoglobm percentage gradually goes up to the normal. In
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the brain was secondary to tliat formed by the punctured
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W. Philip, Edinburgh. (B) Mr. H. Rowan. Bradford; Dr. A. Robin-
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tendency to early marriage seems increasing. This is pro-
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of life the unvaccinated suffered fitteen times in excess of the
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reserved for women. Instruction in pathology is also given
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Annual, the hope that these persons will find that "retribu-
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flow is greatly embarrassed. The immediate consequence is a .
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stafl', being married men, live in the town and neighbourhood
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took place in three hours. Billroth" performed gastrorrhaphy
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in Puhlio Health: David Anderson, L.R.C.P. & S.Edin. ; John Highet,
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much as the black particles which prevented vegetation
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smallpox among the unvaccinated, and in the absence of in-
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thought it well to draw attention to a hidden danger which they
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•blood through tlie stretched aortic ring, though the valves wer^
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2. A restitution of power in hand and thumb occurred in a
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swelling, and over an area as big as a florin semifluctuation
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nervous aflectious — such as alcohol and tobacco — ought to
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age of the army generally and would undoubtedly increase
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the operation par excellence in the treatment of gall stones, and
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