Tegretol Xr Once Daily Dosing

Guardians to perform the service. (Report on t: ...1907,

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tained eighteen or twenty pints of fluid. There were no adhesions. The

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it is true that none of the second class can be sufiered more

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tubes is particularly involved. Similarly in experimental nephritis-

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liar, as the name indicates, to lymphatic temperaments.

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vermicular action and tormina attending this affection, find a

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illness began on August 15th, with a severe attack of

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intermediate symptoms, central and peripheral disturbances, one is only

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vere inflammation and phimosis (/.^., balano-pq^thitis).

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ever the fewness of the cases allowed them to be dis-

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febrile period of the disease, and during the stage of pustulation

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and diseases of the eye. The sum of $9,500 is available annually.

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caused ulceration in a small portion of its cortical substance externally. The wall

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the skin as effectually as melted lead. In the manu-

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the operation, did not entirely disappear till the third

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793; 801; 809.— Benert'c. Le eblorbydrate de cocaine,

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bitter almonds, 137 ; by lead and mercury, iodide of

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able time, that bile is not infrequent in the vomit, and that

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hypochoudrium, encroaching on the stomach and press-

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The four principal indications for the treatment of spasm of

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butes, more or lesa generally accorded to jEsculapius.

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r/faiiHcr; William Farr, M.D., D.C.L., F.R S. Honorary

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roads in the infected districts, with orders to prevent people

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recorded by Casper, where a dose of 3 grains of phosphorus

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the medical journals he soon attracts a clientele. 4. A

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