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the presenting part, as well as to the size of the fcBtus, &c. (this one

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twice. This attack was followed by a second, and the

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against cobra, but also against certain quantities of the viperine or other

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Slight pressure suffices, and it is applied at the exact point where

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bile-ducts, succeeding to catarrh of the duodenum, is the great factor

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abnormalities of preaxial muscles, nerves and joints

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much safer and avoided such serious results as paralysis

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tice as previously detailed for six or eight days and the

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either engineered the innovation or tolerated its being

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Dr. Friedrich Rosenbaum of Tiflis, Russia, reports on its marked

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with the removal of nearly three-quarters of an inch

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The cytoplasm is finely granular but granules in the Ehrlich sense

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case in which it began at this part and proceeded to the arm." Whe-

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war have been formulated, they will be submitted to the

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Dans les autres parties, (les plaques de Peyers, follicules solitaires),

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histologists in England have reason to be grateful for instruc-

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69. On Herpes Zoster Ophthalmicus. M. Joseph JCoeks 101

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are connected in some way with growth and general nutrition, and

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its natural size ; the wall of the auricle, not thickened in any

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address. The annual addresses delivered before the students by

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Arabians have a tradition that Mohammed said circumcision

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several years was a little log house, which doubled as a public meeting house,

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The case which I shall report, however, has in some ol

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inasmuch as the entire disease appeared not to be removed.

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uria, and bleeding from the vagina in the last-named

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duct, whereas abscess formation following the injection of the same

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ures for prevention. In the youth with a valvular lesion of rheu-

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experienced when the difficult consonant occurs as an initial letter, no

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vomiting; he had great inclination to pass urine, and voided bloody urine. The

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There subsists a perfect analogy of temperament and

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merly sold was made from glucose and coloring matters.

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same may be said of the description of the strength of the

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youngest is five years of age. Her menses have always been free

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Treatment. — ^Rest in bed. If possible, the patient should use the

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of the foot and pull it forward. The same test which was

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