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drinking water should not be overlooked. Then the condition

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with bibliography or statistics. Such a volume as this was needed, and the

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" Of the judges who wei'e in favour of the conviction, several thought that the

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*' Carcinoma of the Descending Colon, causing Fatal Obstruction." Dr.

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elected every two years and to be eligible shall have been mem-

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back at the seventh cervical, and is about the size and thick-

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make some effort to convince society that no man is capable of

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and one eclectic. A student shall be examined in thera-

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extension of the original disease, and, when it is remembered that in cases of

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secreted, and although there was considerable albumen, very little of it

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As to the frequency of congenital rickets, there is a wide discrepancy in

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certain predilection tissues in which they largely accumulate. The

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bom at full term the day before its mother died from

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real Diseases in the New York Post-Graduate Medical

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which ought to be permanent ; in case of real imbib-

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extending not only upwards into the chest, but probably downwards to

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purpose of being examined to ascertain if their organs are

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ture 10.)°, pulse about 150. I saw iier several times,

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cases are mild ; a vigorous patient among the lower

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Bismarck, at the beginning of his glorious career, was very

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by all. Dr. S. R. Moyer acted as Magister and the following toasts were

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tional not to find some puckering and adhesions of the lungs at

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joints involved at once, the pain in each lasting from two

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containing here and there whitish granules, which have been likened to

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before an operation on the mouth, nose, or neighbouring

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hairs we can derive great assistance in the identification of species.

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tility ; " but Reynolds has related two cases in which tactile sensibility,

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of syphilis. He says that about ten days previous to my seeing him he

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in the great majority — there is little or no inconvenience. The adhesions

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Medical Department, Upjohn Company, Kalamazoo, Michigan;

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bacilli which possesses toxic and immunizing properties.

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