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ends in atropliy. Taking this st.atement in connection

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chamber beyond that usual in normal eyes. Operation

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research is able to invent. This has never been done in the

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these two sets of factors in my earliest investigations on tumor

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ination of many of the cases reported in literature with refer

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is almost impossible to immunise the guinea pig. either by means of the

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of certain contingencies which modify the course and symptoms

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double millboard splint gummed and padded three inches thick

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J eritonit s. Peritonitis if general will produce an in

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scientifically so far as internal medication is concerned

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is passed frequently but in small quantity each time it indicates

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The lounge was then moved near a window through which the

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cerning general measures. He holds that their retention in the brain is

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lady married him. It was a splendid wedding and the

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younger subjects see CLINICAL PHARMACOLOGY section of full

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of the substances used contains a very great amount of latent electri

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their behavior. It is as if they do not associate acts with

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anaerobium these latter sporifying give birth to the bacilli

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sial and a decrease to two standard deviations below the

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from Bryk tends to substantiate this difi erence. A blacksmith

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ly gas arseniuretted hydrogen. And in the necessary manipulation

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week of his illness he would at least be alive to day.

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anaesthesia was a common hysterical symptom and had found

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Course and Prognosis. The course of the disease may extend over many

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The patient should be placed in a light clean well ventilated

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of the state of his feet besides the bromidrosis concerns especially

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Prognosis in these cases where there are eye lesions especially

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The thoughtful reader of our current literature must have

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of hypodermics of quinine the patient remained depressed and pros

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mand must be considered as addressed to those among them to

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of the deep tones. Blake and Shaw found in their experiments

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foetor which sometimes attends its operation and is ready to be

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