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Valerian, Ammoniated Tincture of.— D., dr. ^-2 (cc. 2.-8.).
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vapour baths, applied during residence at Ben Rhydding. The patients had
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amoebae in the stools, (b) Dysentery may be induced by the
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so-called muscular rheumatism stands in a very direct relation to other
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Hamilton, Surgeon, &c., Medical advice"; and he otherwise
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doctors shall be placed on juries to decide questions of insanity ; when the
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domiciliary zones in Spartan Mills and the adjacent district from 1912 to 1916,
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a committee consisting of Drs. Weeks, Sachs, and Van
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and the illustrious captives frankly abandoned their pre-
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be blown away or become crumpled before being properly
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was admitted into St Thomas's Hospital for chicken-pox, but who Avas placed
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accessibility of health care for the people of Wisconsin.
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The E-piece of a shaken serum is altered only to a very slight extent.
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tion — a life spent neither in senseless wassail, nor in the niggardly
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more than one year the strength of the solution is doubled, and three
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the good of humanity in the days of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
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tubes is particularly involved. Similarly in experimental nephritis-
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countries, and these eruptions frequcntlv disappear, especially
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Names in boldface type signify Medical Society of Virginia Members.
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of disease both among men and animals. In men they are respon-
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A meeting of the Boston Homoeopathic Medical Society was
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VA Chest Conference ( combined Surgicall Medical Chest Conference ), alternating Mondays, 12:15 p.m., VAMC-LR, Room 2D109
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Other symptoms are interstitial keratitis, iritis, deafness of laby-
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posed the trouble to be simply a weakening of the ocu-
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Conium and Cuprum were employed without the slightest
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In the treatment of these cases the crusts may usually be softened
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stages of the disease, and which might have enabled us to form some idea
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generations. During every year of the previous ten, they had been most persistently subjected to severe

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