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Mood. This is accidental, however, and depends upon hitting some

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diagnosis of concealed pulmonary tuberculosis is so great

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he hesitate to practise evacuation by evacuating blocd

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defence was tliat the plaintiff was to blame for taking a hot

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"In cases of the opium habit, it has proved a valuable remedy to secure quiet

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diphtheria. Numerous clinical observations and experiments

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in m:\r\y cases of gall-bladder stone where there is

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occurring at the instance of muscular effort. The condition

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pressed the following opinion : " It seems to me that

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debris. The blood-vessels are everywhere dilated and engorged, and in

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no pyaemia in this case. The man was in good health

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thought of the most advanced thinkers on this subject of reflex

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single case of biopsy-proven periportal hepatic fibrosis in a patient receiv-

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are more rare than in the case of measles or scarlatina, at least as rare as in

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degenerations that are spoken of as bulbar ]>alsies. It may also be affected

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will arrest metrorrhagia, and, in the rectum, aid in reducing

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day, but the weary tossing of wakefulness at night fatigues them,

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paedic, and who had incomparable opportunities for ex-

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but with obstruction to the passage of blood through the vascular network

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fighter or trapezist is not likely to do well. He should

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orator strives to create a condition of relaxation by ad-

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its proper kind of blood, upon which it has been unable to

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Stelzner, 6 in the study of twenty-five children of

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day. The picture I have attempted, therefore, will be

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Affection of the muscles of respiration is common, and not only

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brought about. Subsequently, however, the lady consulted me

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.imu whicli >ih)uld be especially interesting to \.m.,

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merely quote some concluding remarks : " Came to New

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