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Elimination through the avenue of the kidney itself, presumably the
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ing these, the relative periods remain but little changed. It will be seen
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contents of the sac. Small clots formed about the tips of the
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within the limits of probability. Of its characters explanation has
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of the first points to consider is the age of the patient,
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mentioned. The first is that the small cystic s[)aces may represent
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jects seen would be completely misunderstood. Since
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delirium, consequent upon a sudden reduction of the fever, are met
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fection. In view of the pathological findings, it seemed rational
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fans et origo mail. In most cases of puerperal eclampsia
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and by the elimination of ezcrementitious materisds.
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and which was supposed to be jejunum, would have been
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curred in a certain number of patients while receiving
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one year from a return of the cancer, and 7 lived from
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chronic renal disease was excluded by a careful and
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delicate with that of those who understand and enjoy musical com-
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than fifteen minutes after the first injection. When I returned from
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national names, any more than in other fields the names of
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are apt to be first affected. It differs from the latter affection in the fact that
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the same exposures to the pestilence that walks in darkness. Many
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and corrected, especially inflammatory conditions. Occa-
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by exhausting with alcohol, evaporation of the latter, and by
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seemed to me so necessary to express positive opinions. The influ-
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or diffuse peritonitis requires it. In relapsing or recurrent
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tive in comparison with the size of this body; a small, almost
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from Public Funerals in the Case of Contagious Dis-

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