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different situations, etc. The term Heterotopia is used to denote pro-
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of food. This symptom should excite suspicion of aneurism, and such a
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defined and recognizable acute general disease which is developed in
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tion. This view of the causation is inconsistent with the fact that great
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Professor Drake reports another, in the same journal, in which
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ory conversation -at the bedside, his attention being there directed
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business has suffered considerably by it ; so far, however, from
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the College the information on the subject under discussion he
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sor of Paediatrics to the Faculty of Medicine of Berne,
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connection with individual diseases. The morbid conditions constituting
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Melancholia.' * A short course of nitrogen monoxide is said to change the face of nature for such
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cular power incident to these lesions. Prolonged S3'ncope may, perhaps,
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mated epithelium and leucocytes within the collapsed air-cells, without the
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through his own merits and those of his beneficent father. He
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most cases, is incidental to some manifest change of composition or struc-
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however, it was found to be highly albuminous. The patient went
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The pain from this cause is especially marked after the ingestion of stimu-
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ditions from the various irritations and injuries to which it is
from exposing your ignorance on many questions of daily recurrence.
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membrane, it is seen to be composed of strise or fibres running
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75 Clinical I^ectures by leading clinicians in this country and abroad.
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mated at full two gallons. The patient immediately experienced
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friends had anticipated. But as the season of the year at which
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tation falls below the normal standard. It reaches its natural termination
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spiration or with diarrhoja. The disturbance of the system is out of pro-
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Chambers is of opinion that in most cases of dilatation not the effect of
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The patient, a tailor, aged 30, was suddenly attacked with sharp ab-
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is gained. The disappearance of the chlorides from the urine is not pecu-
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were free from tuberculous disease of the lungs ; and, on the other hand,
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throat. It is vulgarly called heart-burn. Every one has occasionally
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number of ova. Bennett quotes an estimate of the number of ova in the
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the hospital. Most of the large and small articulations were
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According to these data, the most prevalent and fatal diseases
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nitis, and obstruction from other causes. The symptoms at first may

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