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recovers from the immediate effects of the operation, necessarily the can-

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Authors, in treating of this affection, generally regard

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»1 are often of great value. The same care should be

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out accurate localization of the bullet, it is impossible to determine whether

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has been fully demonstrated by those who have honestly

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hemisphere. The clot must have been larger than in the last case, not

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We believe that contributory to this death was the culpa-

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pharyngeal and intratracheal methods, gas-oxygen ansesthesia, and the

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phere. There are facts in the history of influenza which furnish a

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olivine, pyroxene, and others. Some kimberlite contains

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come better known and esteemed at home and abroad. It furnishes

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in Great Windmill street, London, in 1824. He says:

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CampUELI,, John, Lieutenant Colonel and Surgeon, Medical

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The summary of the more salient medical and practical

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vancing, will, unless lowered by treatment, speedily end the life of the patient ;

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hitherto little claimed as under its dominion ; Dr. Martiny prov-

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portance, but we have rather to do with the part played by the vascular

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The globulin as well as albumin fractions did not produce upon

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worms. Four or five drachms are given in aqueous solution

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The comparatively low blood-pressure of the Bengali is of

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The photographs shown in this article were all taken in the course

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physician as one of my best friends in Kinston and I know that he

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tember, 1859, was appointed an assistant surgeon to

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pyramidal tract of the right, with slight degeneration on

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theless, in several other affections of the thorax.

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feeble, and the surface of the body generally gave evi-

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The juice of a sweet pomegranate is expressed, and a sextarius of it is boiled on

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these cases Fowler's solution was used, but one was also treated with

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salts, little uudecomposed salol or carbolic acid could

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remaining 198, 64 had had recurrence during the year, and 21

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men to be gazetted on the outbreak of war. He was given

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ral Elliot and Dr. Reid, one of whom, it seems, acted on the

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damper the fires, to depress that process which of all others

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lids twice or thrice in the twenty-four hours. Occasionally,

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