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upon no principles at all. Among the ancient remedies, a long and
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contradiction that the real and only harmonious non-
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has had a profuse leucorrheal discharge, which has been at all times
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a few days and I had the satisfaction of eliminating his trouble
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Six months .... Wolstanton and Burslem (two doctors).
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by percussion. The base is situated below the level of the aj)ex-beat in
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universally employed names of certain encephalic seg-
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night; temperature, io4|° ; pulse, 160. 3.20 p.m. : Tem-
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French medicine. The French are indefatigable observers of
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hypochondriasis and neurasthenia. The exacerbations usually depend
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by the ancient medical writers polypi, are derived from the blood,
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each case." Dr. Acland, speaking of choleraic diar-
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time. The heart rate was 100 per minute. The first record obtained
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uloer; in Magdeburg, Dr. Brunnemann^ a very distinguished and prom-
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The° Physician answered : ''That is the way to render my services use-
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sician struggles with disease in private, with no competent
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receive the lochial discharge. They must be prohibited from so
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of reproduction (which only organisms possess), furnish almost conclusive
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was found springing from the synovial membrane at the back
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thigh. Temperature good. He has but little pain in the
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posture the lower extremities could be freely moved; but any at-
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protein levels increase with pregnancy or estrogen adminis-
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Gabbi ( 1 909) . Transactions of the International Medical Congress.Budapest
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appear; and almost all those who followed my advice were cured,
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inspiration. There was no free fluid in the abdominal cavity.
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chest ; it then passed through the diaphragm near the vena
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tion should then be repeated several times, again using 3 liters
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known to be comparatively so frequent that the possible
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tion, and an occasional feeling of sinking experienced
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oui.y speech center (Wermcke's convolution); 6, motor speech center (Broca's convolution); fen,
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ment. The normal temperature is from 98° to 99° Fahr. in the great
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when the abscess is secondary to putrid atiections of the lungs, such as gangrene,
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speak, could swallow only liquids, and these with difficulty;
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They make such a perfect anastomosis that if either
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due to an endarteritis obliterans ; (2) that it is due to peripheral neuritis ;
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obstetric examination are especially valuable, since they

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