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papers, and has given distinct and reliable information as to the good

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The Registrar-General of England; 1 he Secretary of Apothecaries' Hall ; The

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for about 550 patients, exclusive of the staff, which is of the most per-

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the greatest respect for the members of the Medical Council present ;

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sively hasten to the battle-fields to buy horses killed in the engagements

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ports open a new and long-suspended series in splendid form (St.

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cular contractility may still exist after Farado-muscular excitability has

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remained in the surgical wards under Dr. Gillespie for five weeks ; after

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which all curtains, carpets, bed-hangings, and other needless articles of furniture

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vants, .and for fuel and light, are as follows : Inspectors-General of Hos-

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to pass between the limbs, and withdrawn so as to leave the napkin

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sionally among the cabin-passengers, and all branches of his professional

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curious. If the one copy which exists in England had failed to fall "in-

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pain in the knee. The Sympathy consists in an extension of inflamma-

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long eschewed by British practitioners. We are indebted to Sir James

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the College as requiring a Course of Study and an Examination satis-

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hospitality in that hall — on behalf of his professional brethren he re-

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have been such that at any moment very startling announcements might

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from the utenis by operation. The patient, aged about 52 years, and

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majority. The motion for the adoption of the Report was carried ; and

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present war the bounteous supplies contributed by charitable persons

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776, beef to 8S0, pork to 893, tuibot to SgS, and, highest of all articles

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its extreme rarity. I have taken with my own hand within the last four

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ricochet off the vertex, came out at the other. There are the two

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racters, that they are quite distinct from the general run of chronic mala-

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Medical Director-General of the Navy, but no Assistant-Surgeon can

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poison in each fever should be different also. The notion is a crude

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know why the women are not to have it. Surely it is very inconsistent of Govern-

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