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selves or others from natural pleasures ; and we are

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21,095 at Is - a da y? f r length of service and wounds.

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saw him, the case was likely to prove rapidly fatal.

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and the Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons of Glas-

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haemoiThage — a very serious accident. As regards

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whole bone has been subjected, especially when this


can be produced by means of a current of air. If, for

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prurigo senilis in both sexes, and prurigo pudendi in

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up some elaborate tables concerning the fall of rain

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professor of surgery in the medical school in ques-

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almost unintelligible to any but those who were pre-

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angle of the trochlear siu'face of the astragalus. It

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rious size and extent, each patch being raised above

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that his death is indirectly traceable to the hai-dships

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With regard to the mode of inoculation, it is neces-

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deed perhaps morally guilty of murder, Ijut they are

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Sked calls him, Dr. Smjiih) as honorary siu-geon, and

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ill, and dwelt much on the injustice of then- detention

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ledge) in which this event happened ; and, as far as

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fare, and only revived in our own day. In the Middle

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deserves hearty thanks for haNTing given the profes-

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pain, so often noticed in this disease, did not exist.

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Larrey, Percy, and Desgennetes, with the very same decorations as

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nature, and their being placed at a distance from the human

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DR. ADAMS, loquitur. ' Get a handkerchief, and tlie spurtle 1

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licensing bodies such regulations respecting the pre-

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were : — 1. Indulgence in idle, luxurious habits. 2.

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large fibrous na so pharyngeal polypi, v;ith large and re-

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led to see the depravity of their professional condi-

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Licentiates in Dental Surgery, the Committee having

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man did well. — A. was seized ^vith pleurisy, conse-

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