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amination has taken place, and no compensation shall be
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trition and other conditions necessary for their ex-
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had no pain, the sense of general discomfort and disagree-
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with bone and therefore expansion is limited. More-
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with milk— if it has been spoiled, how can it be re-
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ion that in many instances at least the condition was
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diseases; also nearltls, nephritis, eczema, stomach, liver and bowel
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habit forming drugs, and from dishonest labels. The fol-
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and abilities; but bear aivay honour or disgrace principally
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ter most of the cells showed the short oval nucleus,
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within about four weeks, and she had had no trouble up to
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In making disposition of her property, which is valued
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purulent and foul smelling. The haemorrhage was com-
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rather difficult from a technical standpoint, but of
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position, as Fig, i. G. C. indicates the greater curvature. P. indi-
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His speech had improved and tongue and pharnyx paralysis
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Taylor, J. L., Passed Assistant Surgeon. Detached from
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learis before the New York Academy of Science, May, 1896.
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cases, and this proves not only the inhibitory action
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sula ; in other words, where the lamp of vital sta-
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made between appendicitis and intestinal catarrh or
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an effort at the Jefferson Hospital to have all the
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closed its first meeting in Chicago on November 19th, after
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The Medical Record Visiting List or Physicians' Diary
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tions can be oflFered by an intelligent discussion of
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apart from the world of living things, but is a unit
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there was at no time after the operation any sign of sup-
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sugar excess into fat and its storage as such in the adipose tissue
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generally contraindicated because it is not desirable
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tain unimpaired the external and internal fibres of the
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Dr. Stern, felt, after a careful clinical study of gen-
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afFect'on, is one which is firmly established, and if

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