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of the opportunities which he enjoyed of seeing the surgical practice

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leave the axis cylinder entirely uninvolved. The latter is, however, often

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of this disease became a firmly fixed belief among all classes of physi-

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admitted in addition to a large number of private pa-

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recommend that pressure should be made on the nose of the

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tion, inability to stand with closed eyes, etc., believing

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portion. The anatomical distribution of the pulmonary

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merely *' as a matter of curiosity," the artificial blunting of

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says, wli n you have to treat a patient suffering from

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successive periods. Afterwards they usually occur at other times. They

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hysteria, which in the cases quoted accompanied Basedow's disease.

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than half demented. King Milan of Servia is haunted by a

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Pathologists. Presented and sponsored by AS CP/CAP.

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nected with the place in which it broke out, to which it was

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manding position are successively depicted by the file of

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night. Those sleeping on new straw mattresses are observed to have

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fibroma. In the third case he believes that gonorrhea was not

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escaped involuntarily, though he had been a very clean bor

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with each of the other solutions individually for electrical

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We cannot lay any great stress on the small number of statements

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pose, and all the bright ones who can and will pose and help you

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water for keeping the pasteurized milk until it is deliv-

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(iunshot f found of the Xixk, sevcriiifr the Cervical Plcjus of Nerves.

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happy result. He also reports the cure of another case by cauterization.

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You will recollect the abbot and the monks (Mark Twain's

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tion of the needle by the thermo-cautery and secured the best

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Diazoxide and nitroprusside are reserved for the treat-

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study of function with that of structure. This is an outstanding

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escaped. Of course this will not operate upon all alike,

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