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bly enlarged, but not in the majority of instances. Cough

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that no Dissertations had been offered during the past year. ,

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pathogenic for man, but has little pathogenicity for cattle, rabbits,

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them professors who are looked upon as deep-thinking

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iodine with alcohol. The stain may be removed by washing with

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anaesthetic in many of his cases, reserving chloroform for administration to

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ly after the official process and by tlie most skillful operator.

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parents. On the other hand, it is certain that gout is largely induced by

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3. Osteotomy is sometimes required in extreme cases of out-

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respite from their claim upon your attention. And no matter how much

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Medicine a merely descriptive science, which of course could

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County, Cleveland County, and one or two others are not as en-

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inflammatory fever and distension of the leg; on the fourth day

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purposes, on account of its irritating effects upon the gastrointestinal

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The most characteristic symptoms are an instability of station and

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been dissected out, is lined by the upper portion of the

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vegetable life were made in 1S19. He communicated his


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can be relatively determined by measuring the ginh of

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found consolidated in its lower fourtli, and he was ordered

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be brought down, and the limit marked. This limit, however, may indi-

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daily hy one inspector during the fiscal year ended June 30, 1907, was

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distinct, as before : but every part of the belly yielded a dull sound

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ening coma. The fatal result may occur in one week, or may be post-

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solution of muriatic acid. Several experiments were made,

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beating and throbbing, rushing or cracking noises, vertigo,

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unable to bring his hand to his mouth, and it is necessary for others to

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nated encroaching lesions. The requirements for a strictly localized lesion

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Professor Alexander Russell Simpson, M.D., F.R.C.P. Ed.,

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lowing linear craniotomy. Med. Rec, U. Y., 1892, xli,

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lesions lie at the hottom of the condition. Fatty degeneration and

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For, so long as there is a sufiicient supply of fat in

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embolus rarely enters the innominate trunk, which opens obliquely into the

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and physical disease of an incurable kind. I would qualify this, how-

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and I wish you would tell all the doctors in Durham that it will interest

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apparent effect in stimulatiug respiration needs further investiga-

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