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to administer a drug that would paralyze nerve end-
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that erections were incurvated at an angle formed by
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volving the nerve-roots or extending into the spinal canal,
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" Eyes-examined free " gentry, — from the country circus
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This was the beginning of the new departure in rational
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give up his business, still, every day brings him some task that he cannot
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escape with the usual sound of imprisoned gas. Later
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false, often supervene, and the attacks of cough in whooping-cough
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bility of ovarian pregnancy occurring in an ovary already the seat of
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important contribution to the scientific side of the subject. We trust
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pactness, perhaps even greater friendliness, among units than
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is decidedly the best remedy to follow the calomel. Much mis-
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George's Hospital, etc. Philadelphia: Lea Brothers & Co., 1889.
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Ann. d. ges. Med., Leipz.. 1810, i, 49-84. — Hatlilon (J.)
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Spine three and* one half inches out of line. Put under treatment and
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Diagnosis and treatment with alpha tocopherol . J Pediatr 100:51-58, 1982
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fessed and deplored in the following quotations from
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bull's, tested five times in six months, shows most variable
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attempted to be brought to the notice of the profession during the past
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aortic recoil, and a cell-growth is instituted in them.
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quently. Filter and refilter till the solution becomes clear^
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\ Essai sur F Anatomic Falliologique en general, et sur Us transform
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cervix is fully expanded and the brim of the pelvis is roomy,
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Andrew H. Pettigrew, chairman of the trade executive, in
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little attentions of this kind. The creditable appearance they
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mentary canal, and more especially the small intestines, whether they be local or
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from Portland, wishes to dispose of his stand. Being a very eligible stand, and aflbrding abundant
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■'■''^'"""" '-'l "■ I 'n llu- lyA,. „,c-,,n llic 2-tl,. .nul i,, nil,,,, tl,,.
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deaths from cholera, in Charleston, to have been continually vacillating ;
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nourishmeni, normally derived from the blood-vessels
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must breed from brains, and it is this very practical problem that
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There was some difficulty at first to get the pigs in Lot I to eat
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aplastic anemia, to which, as we have said, he regarded essential
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d. sc. m6d. de;Moutpel., 1889, xi', 337 349. . Pol,ydacty-
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fine boy. Dr. S. examined the uterus some four or five months after de-
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disease had been wearing him out ; yet still he re-
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Acid, however, readily kills most amebas. Neverth(?less some are
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effusion of blood from the haBmorrhoidal veins, or cancer: it is made of verdigris
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located at Paul Smith's, in the northern Adirondack
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proliferation both intra-alveolar and extra-alveolar. In addition to this

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