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mors or Swellings, and peltilentiul Sores ; and ad-

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triciini alt e rum Gerarii , The Smaller fort of Clary,'

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condis ; Cdtfalpinus to be a kind of Struthium Theo-

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fweet Musk-like Smell : The Flowers being paft, ihe

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pointed Leaves , a little dented about the edges , at

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tilde must present every possible variety. The rainfall gradu-

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his Bteft, the other thro’ his Thigh, who was per-

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whitifh on the outfide, and fluffed with fine Cotton

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Salvia nobi/is Gefncri , Salvia anguftifolia , & tenu-

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with liberal patronage. The work before us is entitled

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The instruction here offered to graduates in medicine is intended to meet the require-

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flore of Flowers than moft of the former, and begins

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from ftirring. Of this fort Boel has another, which

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tory, but a great dfi: f mailer, tenderer, and more-

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Leaves thereon as the lower be, but fmaller towards

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ments of two classes of studeuts : first, to those who wish to review or supplement their

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After receiving the degree of M.D. from the College of Physi-

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dred ; respiration, twenty-three ; temperature, 100.5°. The

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dinenfts, lib. 1. cap. 8. fell. 7, §. 4- and j? Our

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moft flat thereon, and covering it a great way about.

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the Veb scutum a pleafing acidity, which may be re-

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fence, but not all out fo effeUual : yet however they

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the middle of which rifes up a Jhort Ji ff round foot-

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I- ' 1 1 H £ Karnes. It is called in Arabic k, Tar-

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ther, upon fmall Tootftalks , but not fpread abroad

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in England ■, one in our Cornfields , the other in

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drams to four, alone by it felft if dulcified, other-

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foft and tender , but Jharp and unpleafant in Tafte

sominex or unisom

eases of the heart in connection with ordinary insanity," and Dr.

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impression Dr. Perkins resolved on the expedient of attempting

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Seed like to the former, and to the reft of the Docks :

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a double or trebble Infufion or Coftion , and expref

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color. The Flowers are J, 'mall , made oj five zvhi-

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they wither ; and being gathered in a fit dry time,

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the Tops of the Stalks , grow fmall white Flowers ■

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employed turpentine, Hohenheimer injected purulent septic

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them the Difeafi iCh/orofis, or that called the Green

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