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by buttresses of new bone. It appears probable, therefore,

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ited two to three hours after eating, we are justified in assuming some

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had been treated after the introduction of these new

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cally, and receive from a half dozen lines to a page of condensed information.

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light and when this is possible it is always most satisfactory.

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was the nature of this tumour. Speaking generally, very large spleens, due to malaria,

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to the free escape of urine from the presence of coagula within the bladder,

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In malignant tertian the headache is often quite intense during the

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necessary; and cocaine hydrochloride V2 grain (0.03 gramme) hypo-

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the absence of these, by rarefication and the loss of structural detail

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ever, not so extensively useful for the diagnosis of the bladder

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the M. melitensis^ the specific microbe is not found in the milk.

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Leave off crupper for a few days, and if not clean, see that


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fliip was reoiMjned nine days after admission and a large (luantity of clear fluid

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Theses two factors considered jointly furnish a measure of

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the general health and nutrition, — a measure which, if called for, certainly

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that the elimination theory will not fallow us even

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form of skin disease. Some dermatologists not only forbid their patients the

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had her drink all the lime water possible, stimulated her with

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we shall lind these symptoms are very like, and have only to sup-

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in the washings from the nasopharynges of the parents of a child

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organic elements, and the only source of all t)v||4iversities of the

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£1 16. f Dr. Morell Mackenzie, £1 Is- ; J. Morgan, Esq., £1 la. ; Dr. T.

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Dr George Cran, Banchory -Ternan, is a son of Dr Cran, as was

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the subject of Genito-Urinary and Venereal diseases.

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Personally, we are not in favour of a person being sent from the

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cases of sciatica, not alone in those of the more serious

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from the bowels; evacuations containing indigested food ; painful sensa-

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and indeed useless, on account of the unimpeded egress of air

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ance of a soft rontgen tube daily except Sunday. He has

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his series of lectures to his class in the Kings College, Lon-

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