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the substance of which it could be readily pressed, and be

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— The multiple arthritis and fever of Schonlein's disease may suggest rheu-

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gauged when I mention that it has members beyond the

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accompanied by arthritis/arthralgia, and frequently, fever) 1 5%.

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An early diagnosis diminishes the gravity of the prognosis. The chances


kidney or ureter. The bladder was sounded and two radio-

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I might say in many, of those cases of fever 1 have examined

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amined orally by the professor, some leading question

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i, sometimes within a few moments. When it proves suddenly fatal,

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tise abdominal surgery there. He claims to be an in-

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two years ; eye patients treated, 8,906. Of this number

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One part is issued each month, each part containing fourteen pages of

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and, as already stated, we believe it will be indispensable

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Each scholar was tested with one eye, then with the other ; the second

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cotton to take up the discharge is laid over the ulcer, and

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and that is the process known as white gangrene, about

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attended with much better results than in former years ; (2) operations upon

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but sometimes on the third day of U)Vm\ a,nd fi'om the fourteenth to the seven-

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twenty per cent, of beech tar. The alkaline prepara-

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quite possible that many patients with cerebral malaria are actually

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markedly dilated heart showed, even with the most careful micro-

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our bacteriologists, and the measures which antago-

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to shave our tablet sufficiently for this purpuse. In the ne.xt

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gestions which had been adopted. It was therefore not a schema-

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the desire when it comes over them. Some authors believe these attacks

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wall, usually involving its entire circumference in a more or less limited

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strong as now, it is interesting to read the following

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of the diverticulum of Vater may increase the severity of an existing

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