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arteries from one species of animals to another or segments of

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Kyes suggested the possibility that any injurious substance may modify the

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table into receptacles in the base boards near each

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sinewy appearance. After straining, it requires only to be seasoned, and

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ever, that the futility of such measures has come to be

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feel that the effects of rabbit spirochetosis are comparable to those of

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Cases III, IV, and V. — Extraction of teeth while in London.

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diagnostic aids, including hypodermic use of emetine. He notes the occurrence of

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assistance. One physician diagnoses a cholecystitis,

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soaked wheat, owing to the expense of grinding. The undesirability

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after a harassing experience to herself, the first report of irregularity

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my hand over the pubic region, the uterup, which felt hard,

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the surgeon described it as a clean cut, five inches in length and one inch in

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distinction in his world must nowadays be able to boast of an

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mischief possibly already initiated by the fever ; hence,

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cultures from 6 nonfatal cases. The article is illustrated by 21

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time for taking the oil, attention being given that the entire amount pre-

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may be substituted for quinia, and that even the mixed

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(<0 embryonic cysts, (/■) liydatid cysts, (c) cystic nia!ign;ait

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moidal cells do not yet exist. The sphenoidal cells and

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sickness, and the tic of spotted fever; and man is not the

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times after a period of a few days, with stupor or coma. The temperature

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