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tarily imposed upon themselves by an earnest desire to do good.
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Each school was reached only once in two to four weeks.
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1906 a. — Idem. [Abstract by Max. Liihe] <Jahresb. ii. d. Fortschr. in d. Lehre
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of personal experience, and trust partly to conjecture founded
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organs of sight, come from them in the form of rays ; thus when we look
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every way. A copious muco-purulent discharge ran from the tube.
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During sleep the processes are reversed, the psychical centres
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membered, however, that the narcosis itself probably acts as
tion of a primary disease is highly unscientific, for even the so-called primary diseases
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cases, preceded by acute dysenter}-, is highly important in the diagnosis.
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2. A Discussion on the Treatment of Pleuritic Effusion ii>
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Removing diseased uterine appendages is not nnsexing a
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third of the graduates of medicine now before the public
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8. S. aramidis Splendore 1907. — Parasite in Aramidis saracura, a BraziUan
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tagonis7n of Germs — University of Basle — Antiseptics
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radical differences in the several forms — differences
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cially his work on surgery, were not very highly appre-
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de fistule recto-vaginale. Rev. ni6d., Louv;iiu, ln8?i, vii,
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called into activity by removal from a malarious district, other change
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the constriction contraindicated in so dangerous a region
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skin shows a sallow or shghtly yellowish tinge, wliich is also present
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Medical and ChlmrKical Faculty of Maryland, Baltimore, April
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language, is the author of a treatise on the Theory and Practice of
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" I have long adopted the opinion, and not on light grounds, that
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sistence in it of hemagglutinins. When the absorptions were con-
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dent, viz., erosion of a vessel of the stomach, giving rise to a hemorrhage
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conditioned discharges ; abdomen greatly enlarged, and giving no
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when he had suddenly lost the sight of the right eye.
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DANIEL T. ENGELMAN, M.D., Resident, General Surgery,

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