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influence of morbid conditions of the uterine adnexa upon reflex
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will tell you that they are so nervous they can bear no
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advanced is, that where the sound has passed that length, it
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Arnon are continually discharging, through their waters, into
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knowledge to groups of pupils, and your success in that capacity
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not be greater than what we frequently feel justified to subject our pa-
within the field of the alienist and neurologist, rather
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of the suprarenal cortex give rise to a very definite group of
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gree only, and that obstetricians do not now attach the same importance as
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of ergot in obstetrics. Tr. Roy. Acad. M. Ireland, Dubl.,
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''n^lprobably perforated, says— "The treatment of this f°rm
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that is more sad or more ludicrous does not matter.
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a mortar, then immersed in cold water, or simmered until soft, are applied
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even the removal of one of their kingly heads, could teach upright-
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measure if the temperature is over 103° F. in the rectum.
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scriptions have been scattered through the text for convenience of con-
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animal was given 1 c.c. of normal horse serum subcutaneously on Feb.
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that the profession in this country might be inclined to
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the risk of infection they were taking. But it seems
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hypnotized by inanimate things ? Another sees a man
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ished instantly. In fact, I had to deal with a case of hysteri-
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rendered necessary for the young by the conditions of
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riding. Vocal gymnastics is another useful exercise for the same object.
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B. Wright of Lineolnton. were the first to recognize the disease
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but unless care be taken this symptom may easily lead to
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ni>)ther and child to more serious eunseqnences.
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apparent, and has been uninterrupted, until at the present
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Britain, even to the middle of this century, cases oc-
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and 104° F. three minims. Whether its effect upon the tumors is pro-
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tuation could be detected an incision should be made. The
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lxv, No. 2. p. 161) points out that contrary to the
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will find these two volumes of great value not only as reference
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shaped, never C-shaped, and consequently a straight
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of whether there are two distinct forms of myopia is still
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slight, the second better marked but slight, the third merely an
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1 opened well into the axillae, but did not find the glands
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epileptic, while anotJier is a deaf mute, &c. — Gazette Med. de Paris, May 17, 1856.
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