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which one may knozv the structure of the human body of himself;

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strength of mviij to xii., to the pint of mucilage as a vaginal injection

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Matico has also been employed to check hemorrhage from the

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ances in the respiratory process, are produced in the air tubes,

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M. M. Bobin and Leseur have succeeded in recognizing a

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letter, and more than that, to their spirit too, (Hinc illae

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feebled circulation in the pallid, expressionless lips, the dull eyes,

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support impossible. During this period he felt chillj' and ill. At 3 o'clock

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an approved initial dose. In some cases it may be necessary to

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Mucous rales are intensified after the act of coughing. When

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weakness in the part from the effects of sprains ; slipping

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costly tuition it is, when they will not profit by that of

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proved the value of their services in these fields.

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Phosphaturia is the name applied to the condition in which

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tained the following announcement: — Maria Anna Helm,

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or arranged, to attempt a solution of the great problem of

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Salvia officinalis is tonic, stimulant, diaphoretic, aromatic

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may have a lobulated feel and appearance. If the case be very

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our finger, as well as by the expression of parts associated with

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and then a more or less complete intermission of the disease and

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cially when giving a burning sensation; pains in- the back and

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the " MllJc-Coiv" (both of the fat and lean sort of Pharaoh's

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diluted with water, constitutes a cooling, refreshing and useful

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price than it would cost you, to employ a veterinary sur-

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translucent tides, or impetuous, overflowing and muddied

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weight and dragging; flabby and sallow tissues, as in chronic

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be given from one to three times a day, as the case may require.

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in cases of fatty degeneration of the muscle of the heart the

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