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young infants should be allowed to nurse every two hours during

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does not appear to conduce to constipation, and does not prevent the occur-

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conjunctiva, mouth. Although the former is doubtless

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crush it. Soon pieces appeared in the reservoir, and I com-

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America, the Weft Indies, and fume of the more fouthern parts

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this mass, and not thus controlling the hajmorrhage, I

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thoroughfares, some stretched on straw in the sun, others lying under

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giving the means by which such subjects might be well investi-

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view of doses, should be a divided view, if we may so speak. Doses

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in diabetes mellitus, we see the symptoms of tubercular phthisis appear.

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decided to confine himself entirely to medicine, and with

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The limited space of this paper will not allow a notice of the impor-

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analysis." as he calls it, in the study of the leucocytes.

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and are respectfully presented to the notice of the profession. The practical

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for intensive, comprehensive and convalescent care.

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this will involve a large outlay. There was a period

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* See Struver ("Med. News," April 29, 1882, p. 456) on the use of

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Dr. W. H. Wathen : Dr. Morris' case is interesting because

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death; or as some patients, almost distracted in expectation of

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Arabians have a tradition that Mohammed said circumcision

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sation in the posterior tibial and dorsalis pedis arteries was good. The

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land, but also in the South and the West. It is designed for domestic as well as

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derived from the operation. In another case subsequently under my

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the field of operation appeared as the result of extensive ex-

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but concealed and restrained : there maybe merely signs of depression and

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The Period of Incubation seems to be liable to great

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populations at risk include the elderly and patients with an

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medicine harmless in the dosage recommended, and not

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bacilli and cocci. He had not pursued the investiga-

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occupation. If anything, it has a predilection for those

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sit up, and sometimes they will rise suddenly, and get out of bed as if in

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not fully share the sentiment of hopeful Sydney Smith, who had "gout, asthma, and

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