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trouble is obscure. The cause of hysteria may be bad

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vagi twice, and in the cerebellum once. The structure of the metastatic

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ing Schaudinn's classification. Thus, while Entamceha histolytica, the

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&c, preserve their characteristic poisonous qualities when evaporated

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ing pain in the right ear, from Avhich there had been occasionally

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If the part gets sore, withhold for a few days and then apply

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Chloral, the Iodides, Belladonna or Atropine and some other

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of its use before the arrival of Europeans, was, generally

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The distribution of the induced lesions did not agree entirely with

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to the system, it is therefore not to be interfered with. The true

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St. Louis Medical Society. — Dr. J. K. Bauduy was

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To overcome the difficulties of a bacteriologic diagnosis of typhoid bacilli in

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ferential between the inner ear and the middle ear.

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commended by our best masters. In fact, he could adapt his

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Private H. H. Hickman, of Colcodc's Squadron Cavalry,

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the natural defensive reactions. As we put it now, fever is part of

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out the greater portion of water and mix the residue in a mor-

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its upper pole was pointing to the opposite iliac region. The case was

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such signs as sneezing, coughing, sighing, or yawning. The

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festing this influence than are papillomata with a like situation.

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typhoid character; fulness of the right hypochondrium

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ready to modify his views in accordance with the ad-

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becomes still darker until it may be the colour of porter.

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now universally admitted, there is not the same unanimity as to its fre-

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American teeth. He has consulted the statisticians and

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