Address. By M. II. Henry, M. D. New York : William Wood & Co.
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diphtheritic exudation may also be present. The latter, however, is not
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519.— Keen (W. W.) Surgical results of typhoid fever.
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rising, and subsequently at, say 7.30 a.m., 11.30 a.m..
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Out of 500 cases, 125, or 25 per cent., died; 7 became phthisical.
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relations with urticaiia, its localization at the points subjected to the
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and the remainder are due to infection with pneumococci belonging to the
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and swinish. He was not, however, without hope of improving the finer
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have been trained in Glasgow, and have gained experience as
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intact, or the organ may be converted into a sacculated mass, the abscesses
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lished a brochure recounting the details of the method and
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and from Surgical experience, of the curative influence of
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ment of the ends of the bones to their natural position should be effected
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The patient should always take a few drinks of some
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groove, in as far as it lies in front of the plane determined
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I*. A. Surgeon A. Alfred, ordered to duty with Marine Brigade,
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hard, and extremely tender to pressure, and she was teazed with a
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common measure, the esteem, friendship, and love of his fellow workers
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last by a long and ambitious measure — the Mental Deject
gave the fe)llowing history : He was a native of Eng-

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