Lego The Batman Movie The Joker Notorious Lowrider Review

Next on my list of Batman Movie set reviews is the amazing looking Lego The Batman Movie The Joker Notorious Lowrider Review!  At the time of writing this I haven’t seen the new Lego Batman Movie as its The hype is only just starting to really gain momentum for the new Lego movie…Lego The Batman Movie which will be released everywhere in February 2017 and of course on the back of this we have an amazing selection of Lego The Batman movie sets to tie-in with the release.

This will be a full review and breakdown of the new Lego Joker Notorious Lowrider set which has the model number 70906.

Below is a table of contents which will help you see the break down for this review.

We’ll be doing an overview of the full set, a breakdown and review on the minifigures, a breakdown of the actual set build, a conclusion and a round-up of our thoughts, followed by our guide to where you can buy this set and where you can get the cheapest prices in Both the UK £ and US $.


  • RRP: UK £54.99  US $49.99 (Click here to find the cheapest prices)
  • Model Number: 70906
  • Minifigures: 3
  • Pieces:433
  • Set Story: Join Batgirl’s pursuit of The Joker™ and Harley Quinn™ through the streets of Gotham City in this exciting set from THE LEGO® BATMAN MOVIE. The Joker’s Notorious Lowrider vehicle features bouncing suspension, handles for Harley to hang onto, an opening trunk with hidden double spring-loaded shooters and lots of comical features.

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The Lego Joker Notorious Lowrider Review:

The Joker and Harley Quin in a kick-ass vehicle – what more could you ask for!?

This box seems to standout from the other sets just like the Jokers car – full of bling!

With 3 fantastic minifigures and mid-range price and a fantastic looking build this has all the hallmarks of a winner!

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Fans are going to go crazy for these minifigures, here we get exclusive versions of each of the three minifigures and I have to say I would buy this set for Harley Quinn alone!

This is a fantastic set of minifigures and almost worth buying the set for just to get them.

  • The Joker minifigure – he looks fantastic here, I love the protruding tooth which gives him a slightly more insane look.  The detailing on his purple suit looks fantastic and there is some fantastic artwork of tattoos on his arm of diamonds and clubs which I’ve never seen on any other minifigure before (if i’m wrong please let me know in the comments below).  The Joker has a reversible head with a crazy full teeth smile on the other side and he comes with the green hair piece and microphone with the ‘Bang’ scroll.
  • Harley Quinn minifigure – She is my personal favorite character and Lego have done a fantastic job with this minifigure with the uniform black and red cheque colors, a fantastic hair piece alongside the studded collar and ‘Smylex’ T-Shirt, the we come to the kick-ass red baseball bat and cool roller skates.  This figure also has a reversible face with contains a intreged look!
  • Batgirl minifigure – This is a really nice minifigure with some great little touches like her ponytail piece which attaches to her cowl, the purple cowl looks great also.  Then we have the cloth yellow cape and utility belt, there is also some lovely detail on her boots.  Batgirl also comes with a reversible face which shows her anger.

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The Notorious Lowrider

So now we come to the main part of the set Joker’s Lowrider pimp mobile and I have to say this it looks fantastic and something straight out of the 70s.

One of the first thing’s you’ll notice about this set is that the car is big!

When I say big I really do mean big, the proportions on this car seem so out of scale compared to most other vehicles in the Lego universe, but at the same time it’s the size and solid look that really gives this car it’s personality.

The car itself is indeed large. It will seem out of scale with other vehicles across the Lego lines, but it makes sense when you consider the Joker’s personality.

With regards to the actual build itself it isn’t very inspiring and is quite easy and really it follows the same template as most the City type of vehicles, the only slight section that may cause a little more concentration is on the base, there are 2 rubber bands which go on to create the suspension of the car.

Some of the parts included to make up the car are fantastic like the zebra print tiles which make up the seats and the round gold speakers which look fantastic.

So what about the weapons, well it wouldn’t be a Joker car without a few hidden surprises and it’s the trunk that holds all excitement.  Pop open the trunk and inside you will find 2 loaded spring shooters.


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Final Thoughts

We love the minifigures and the overall design and look of this set, it isn’t our favorite build and at $50 it feels a lot of money for what you get, but if you can get it cheaper then for the minifigures alone I would add this to my collection.


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Where to buy

So you may be wondering who stocks this set and where you can buy the Lego Movie Joker Lowrider set and get the best deal – well help is at hand.

US Audience:

If your from the USA then you can check out the very best deals here at by clicking the button below.

UK Audience:

For the UK audience you can check out the cheapest online prices by checking out our price comparison table above where we also display any voucher codes from the big online retailers.

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