Lego The Batman Movie Batcave Break-in 70909

The hype is only just starting to really gain momentum for the new Lego movie…Lego The Batman Movie which will be released everywhere in Feburary 2017 and of course on the back of this we have an amazing selection of Lego The Batman movie sets to tie-in with the release.

Today we will be looking at one of the higher priced sets in the range the Lego Batcave Break In set which has the model number 70909.

Below is a table of contents which will help you see the break down for this review.  We’ll be doing an overview of the full set, a breakdown and review on the minifigures, a breakdown of the actual set build, a conclusion and a round-up of our thoughts, followed by our guide to where you can buy this set and where you can get the cheapest prices in Both the UK £ and US $.


  • RRP: UK £109  US $99.99 (Click here to find the cheapest prices)
  • Model Number: 70909
  • Minifigures: 4
  • Pieces: 1047
  • Set Story: Defend against The Penguin’s Duckmobile invasion of the Batcave in THE LEGO® BATMAN MOVIE: Batcave Break-in set. The highly detailed Batcave features a rotating transformation chamber for Bruce Wayne™ to ‘transform’ into Batman™, rotating Batcomputer control center with multiscreen elements and elevating platform function, and a prison with an exploding escape wall function.

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So let’s take a look at this set in a bit more detail, to begin with Batcave Break In can been looked at as three main separate parts or sections for the build, you have the main Batcave build (reminds me very much of the popular Fisher Price DC Superheroes set), the Batboat and the fantastic Penguin yellow rubber duck!

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One of the most important aspects for many Lego fans and collectors is the minifigures and this set doesn’t let you down!  Starting with the main title hero himeself you get:

  • Lego The Batman Movie MinifiguresBatman Minifigure:  You get the classic black costume Batman with the material cape which I just love.  You also get an alternate face for batman with his mouth slanting up and also the clip on yellow bat utility belt with looks fantastic compared to the older printed on version.
  • Bruce Wayne Minifigure:  This is the first Lego Movie version of Bruce Wayne and it’s a great looking minifigure showing Bruce in a white tux and you also get a brand new piece with this figure and that’s of a black bow tie!  He also comes with an alternate face of Bruce winking and
  • Alfred Minifigure:  Again another fantastic minifigure to add to your collection and again Alfred comes with a brand new piece – the collar, the detailing on his torso is fantastic and a balding head.
  • Alternate Batman Costumes Minifigures:  Each set comes with 3 different Batman costumes which look fantastic – they have plain white heads underneath the mask so it looks like a proper costume.We have a really funky gold colour Bat suit which comes with a sparkly cape and mirophone which is know as the Bat Pack suit (play on words from the Rat Pack), one of the smaller levels of detail I love on this is the printed pink bow tie in the shape of a bat.Then we have the scuba diver batman in blue which comes with a water piece for his mouth, he also comes with an orange utility belt which is the same version you get with the main Batman minifigure.

    Finally we have Raging Bat, which is a homage to Raging Bull as this Bat costume come complete with boxing gloves and printed boxing shorts.

Last but not least we have the Villain –The Penguin minifigure is fantastic and one of my personal favourite minifigures, I already see this figure selling for crazy amounts on auction sites like ebay.

The fur coat piece looks terrific and the detail is so good, then we come to the huge top hat which I think is a brand new mould for 2017.  The Penguin comes with a big umbrella and two Penguin helpers which are single molded figures and they come with some wicked weapon attachments!


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Penguin’s Yellow Rubber Duck

This is Lego’s homage to the 1992 Tim Burton Batman Sequel Batman Returns and I have to admit I love this vehicle!

Lego Batcave Breakin set

This vehicle really pulls this whole set together, the vehicle is jammed packed full of weapons and missiles which of course comes with the complete opposite of being attached to a really kiddie looking rubber ducky.

There are 2 big bombs on either side which look great, the angles of these bombs can be changed slightly but these don’t fire off independently but don’t worry because there is plenty more on this vehicle that does shoot off – there are 2 flick fire type missiles just above the bombs and at the front of the duck there are 2 hidden or not easy to see shooters which fire red studs and work fantastically (I really like this feature but it’s very tricky to get your fingers in to push the buttons).

Looking at the rest of the front of the vehicle you have 3 front lights which move independently of each other and a new Lego piece that I’ve never seen anywhere else before that is the orange curved brick that’s used as the ducks nose.

This vehicle is of course amphibious and goes on land and sea which is why you get the nice chunky tires and a large propeller on the back.

The main cockpit of the vehicle features a really nice seat which is better than the standard Lego seats normally supplied and just a control stick for the steering wheel.


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Next we come to the Batboat, this really does look cool and sleek and complete contrast to the Penguin’s Rubber Duck vehicle.

Lego The Batman Movie Batcave Breakin BatboatCodenamed the Riptide this looks amazing, th only slight disappointment is that the bottom of the boat is a complete build and not big hull piece which other Lego boats use, but that aside this is a really fun build and a vehicle that my kids kept coming back to time and again.

Just like the Rubber Duck the batboat also has a number of different weapons on it to help in it’s fight with the bad guys including x2 stud shooters on either side of the boat and x2 spring loaded shooters at the front of the boat.

These are really well designed to integrate into the main vehicle itself, to operate these shooters there is a really clever trigger just behind the main boat engine.  The cockpit features a steering wheel and a sticker console.

There are a couple of new Lego pieces on this set for 2017, well actually it’s more of a new colour, the vehicle features 4 black inget pieces.


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The Batcave

Now for the main build of the set, the Batcave, the Batcave is split into four main sections which are:

  • Bruce Waynes changing room
  • The main Batman TV screen console
  • The Jail cell
  • dhka

Batcave BreakIn

Starting with Bruce Wayne’s changing room with a simple twist of the leaver you can turn Bruce Wayne into Batman, this works really well and is a great feature which I enjoyed playing with.

Above the changing room is a catwalk that takes you to the next section of the Batcave, which is the Bat console with all the computer screens, which have some lovely graphics on the stickers, so for those that hate stickers, your not going to enjoy this part of the build as there are quite a few – when fully extended the screens are shaped like the main Bat icon.

The 2 sides of the main screen can be moved and as we move down from here we get to the main console where Batman does all his important investigative work, this is a great little set-up with some nice control decks a fully spin-able chair and even a coffee mug to keep him awake after all those late nights catching villains.  Some other nice touches include a few hidden batarangs just in case.

On the other side we have the Bat prison cell which is very important as this set is called the Batcave break-in and it comes with a lever that when twisted breaks the back walls which allows for the breakin.

Finally we have the set feature that everyone is going to go mad for and that is Batman’s wardrobe which looks amazing and allows you to house all your Batman figures and allows you to had to your collection from the Batman minifigures collection.



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Final Thoughts

We love this set and think everyone else will too, it’s not perfect, but it’s fun and a great build with plenty of opportunities for imaginitive play!  It comes with plenty of fantastic minifigures that have come great detail with the accessories, the two vehicles look great and are really fun to build and play with.  The actual Batcave is really well made and has plenty of great features.

If your a Lego Batman fan then this set is well worth your investment!


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Where to buy

So you may be wondering who stocks this set and where you can buy the Lego Movie Batcave Break In and get the best overall deal – well help is at hand.

US Audience:

If your from the USA then you can check out the very best deals here at by clicking the button below.

UK Audience:

For the UK audience you can check out the cheapest online prices by checking out our price comparison table above where we also display any voucher codes from the big online retailers.

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