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Dr. Craik's connection with the college dates from 185G. He

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William O'Neill. M. R. C. P., London. — The patient

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leges and Schools, founded and sustained by the different religious

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enced, with the human subject. 5. As to the difficulty in pre-

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pression of the lungs, and attended with a diminution of their ca-

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colloid, its place being taken by a granular albuminous debris in which

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removed, have blocked up the canal of the relic and

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current ; ///i; (/, I think under the circumstances the

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shoulder-blade." Her bowels were habitually costive.

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following fracture of the ribs near vertebral column.

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to erect expensive warehouses and separate hospital

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he located permanently. Dr. Baker was a member of the Nicollet County Medical

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