Jamieson's Heather Aran Yarn

loss of moisture. In VI An and Bn the cheeses were in natural
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but the latter condition may be removed by treatment while the eczema
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where the patient may be taken care of and the ship disinfected.
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had suffered for eleven years, and had not had hsematuria. It was not a polycystic
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with general dilatation of the bronchi and cavity formation; (2)
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bird.' Do you understand ? " Other examples may be given if
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light is now available almost everywhere, and next to direct sun-
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the left ovary, but nothing of the solid tumour detected on the first exami-
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could not hear them, owing, perhaps, to the stethoscope not
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perature, 105.5** F.; respiration, 14. 3 a.m.: Pulse, 165; temperature, 106.5** F.; res-
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that of Dr. Reynolds, and he points to the &ct that it makes
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manders will see that such of these posts as require ambulance
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Report of the Medical Officer of the Local Government Board. (1)
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time when one was quite unable to recognise whether the child was
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which occur later are due to the absorption of the toxin generated by
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quieting of the muscular spasm, a deep-drawn inspiration, and a rather
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The argument advanced is opposed to traditional views,
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to the existence of any affection. I have met with a case of ulccnitiuii
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has to iDe left unexplained, as is illustrated by the following extract from
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stricture, but not through it. There was a little hemorrhage
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Tuberculosis is such an important subject, and the amount
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any general infective process is set up as a secondary consequence of a
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engorged, and at the same time they are irritated by infective
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following fracture of the ribs near vertebral column.
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expressing thanks for information given that the British Government had sent
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causes, such as anaemia, neurasthenia, or the late stages of the stupor
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yield better to arsenic than to any other known remedy;
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