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Rati'liffix ROSS. — Visiting Physician. Candidates must be Fellows or

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Paralysis complicating chorea increases greatly, of course, the

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or, if not, that it might become malignant, and it was deemed

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She is now well and hearty, and attends to household

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that, since bromide of potassium causes the cerebral vessels to

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There are, besides, plaster casts of certain diseases of the membrana tympaui.

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tion 5, Mr. Bryant stated it was his opinion that in all

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a rule, the delusions uttered by their fellow-patients.

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Autopsy. — The glands in tlie neck, chest, alxlomcn,

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phor, or tincture of guaiac, precipitates a correspond-

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should employ emetics and lavage of the stomach. Turpentine, adminis-

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If the quantity of liquid be large enough to distend the pleural sac, the

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tion. No blood was effused into the stomach. Mucous membrane of intestines purple,greatly

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Dr. R. T. Edes has resigned the chair of Professor of

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severe exophthaimos is often associated with pain and subjective tension

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kind, and men of business have already, good-naturedly enough,

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be of use in enabling the authorities, both in this country and in

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traumatism, or in failure of local te.Hural nutrition

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ble to do so, would, I confess, go far to neutralize the argument based

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autoiutoxicants that originate in the gastro-intestinal tract

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lymphocytes. Myelocytes were found in three instances, with a

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charge, August 20, she was still rather weak, but generally in good

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