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valescent as to be discharged. He woi-ked as barge-

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human bodies and animals were joined in his mind with

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ancy, in which he discussed the commoner diseases of the

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ported was quite unusual ; it certainly was one of simple

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“Treatment of Cardiac Emergencies,” and Dr. P. R.

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ing explanation is offered : Pressure, approximately that

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While the point of entrance of an inguinal hernia may vary

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earthly power could resist ; they have, indeed, obliter

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form of inflammatory action in tuberculous laryngi-

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sparingly and far apai-t, but appear to represent an integral and perhaps

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are subdued into total inaction by the penetrating agent thus diffused

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tions. Allow me here to state that all my suggestions

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Whenever inanimate fluids become solid, they always give

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knowledge of the effects of which had been materially

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eleventh volume of the London Medical Journal. Eight years

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would rather, if yoa will permit me, employ the time at my dis-

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order, appears to us to be most excellent, and we therefore follow

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virus did in me. The examination was made on February

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around abscesses, and in foci of embolic softening, but only the so-called

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natural deportment; this first alarms the vanity of some, conscious of a

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colour even when the copper salt is in a far less than poisonous proportion.

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Now, Sir, I ask you, is this the conduct the Medical Prac-

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them because of their big, warm hearts, we enjoy their generous

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show that wounds of the skull and of the chest, when the heart is affected.

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analogous to that which prevented chemists a few years ago

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daughter were brought to me by a legal warrant. The former

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tions, has just published a statistical and clinical report

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Mongolian when the facies simulate the Mongol type. The sec-

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commencement of the present year, amounted to somewhat above two

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pediency of the establishment of mental preventoria

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measure if the temperature is over 103° F. in the rectum.

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ratus. The arsenic in this case was derived not only from the lead

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antitoxin in their serum for the treatment of diphtheria,

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