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& Foster, New York, and by Merck & Co., New York., (Jour. A. M. A.,

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to some abnormal condition of the sow's milk, and treatment must

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give way. In the venous portion of the vessel the direction

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Hence it becomes perfectly obvious that the greatest

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agreement need not be explicit. Nor is it likely that

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could lead to taurine deficiency and also to methio-

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lapse or to the breaking up of fresh adhesions. There may be severe

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hum b. wen d™„.d. If in cUy soil excavate a littletoa depS ^f

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of these conditions. The nature of the anatomical findings

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A comparison was made, therefore, of femoral and vena

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advantage of bedtime doses is that when a patient's reaction is well

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and improvements in the water supply instituted. In 1904, Whip-

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opinion has been suggested, so that those from defective par-

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warned about risks of excessive chilling, excessive

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a positive diagnosis unless the blood gives the reaction of the

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"Of the 1,900 descendants of Johnathan Edwards, of Connecticut,

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gumming up, and if an extra fine finisli is desired, fiU again with

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Excessive muscular activity in turn leads to a condition es-

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the separated distal end of the appendix. In another case, a woman of

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abortion are usually treated at their homes and for this reason

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From the Departments of Surgery, Hospital for Joint Diseases

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