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would tend to be transmitted, and which, if fortunate, would tend

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It is my full conviction, and I am corroborated in my be-

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filling defect in lateral and posteroanterior views.

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Changes were noticed in the majority of the cases of post-cricoid

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in the vessels of the spleen, but also in those of other organs ; but he

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Ununited fracture of the femur after operation. By comparing with the previous picture the

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these channels. When the ureter is closed, the urine, which before was

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often most excellent motion at the hip-joint. Surgical

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action than by one which can be termed inflammatory. Dr.

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15, 10 and 5 grains on successive evenings, with, of

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It is also recommended in those cases which resist ordinary

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carmin, which should contain as little excess of ammonia as possible and kept cool

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night, but were afterwards removed far away to sea,

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treatment by references to a table of formula?, which makes up part third of

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amounts of urine: At 4 a.m., 2 drachms; 11.30 a.m.,

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to fuppofe that it pofTefles any anthelmintic power. It muft, therefore,

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analogy to those in other animals, I should anticipate a corres-

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member a case where the patient had seven or eight punctures,

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We know that fluid blood is almost completely transparent to

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Joint Disease in connection with Locomotor Ataxy. 295

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