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Senile decay and death, however, come sooner or later to the healthiest

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inflammation sets in which proceeds rapidly to recovery. In the

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of these cells : the coarsely granular oxyphile never act as phagocytes,

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may be substituted for the serum itself. Assuming that the experiments

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sometimes this portion shows special signs of diseased action. The

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with the tetanus virus : but, like the experiments of those whose work

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vocal cord was noticed with multiple peripheral neuritis.

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will at the same time commence a preliminary course of Osteology.

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* ** The Ccaarean operation, pott moitom, might be performed with faint hope* of succese. To

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or the discharges of Leydeu jars. These electro-static methods were

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The older writers state that the clot obtained by blood letting in this

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with Dr. Armstrong in regard to depleting remedies, and of course

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requisition all the magnetizers in the country, and set them to look up

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and though the spasms were in great measure controlled by it, I thought

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signs of severe prostration rapidly supervene. There is delirium, es-

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Many pathogenetic organisms, though in the laboratory generally

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sake of brevity we must pass over the other possible sources of ectan-

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processes in the body are almost invariably accompanied by antimicrobic

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cision v/hat happens in artificial fever, and then using the data so obtained

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