Colostomy Bag Care For Infants

on each side of the womb, situated in the folds of the broad liga-

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The view usually held at the present day ascribes the phenomena of diabetic

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been properly established, and to see that its temperature is high

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For the sake of clearness of presentation I have thought it best to

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38. Lane and Griffiths : The Rheumatic Diseases, so-called, 1890.

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certainty is given and caution is emphasized to prevent an improper

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is affected, the voice is altered, there is a cough, accompanied by

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fingers, and to the outside, the external condyle, are attached the

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felt quite well then; got up and went to another room to see whiit

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separating those having the disease from others. It is so rare an

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in those which owe their alkalinity to fixed alkalies. They form long,

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tion. Of course this warning should not prevent our resort to the

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The sting or bite of some of the tropical insects is more serious

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cosis, there seems to be not infrequently a special tendency to coma

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though perhaps too frequently prescribed by the physician, but when

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The condition of the patient becomes more and more deplorable.

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the presence of numerous casts, and their characters, will serve to locate

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condition and produces the symptoms of inflammation, as redness,

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in hot mustard water. If constipation exists or biliousness is sus-

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and on the eighth of April, 1885, the committee re-

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Thursday evening next, March loth, at half-past seven

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been established through the special exertion and in-

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kept apart from the ordinary cases of polysarcia because of their patho-

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needful, and a certain amount of meat is essential to the accomi)lish-

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In exactly the same way is to be explained the special tendency

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and of lymphoid or neoplastic tissue, with the development of toxic substances

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taining sodium sulphate (Marienbad, Tarasp, etc.) can thus far be

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of hsematoporphyrinuria the pigment is in metallic combination, and

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during its journey it attaches itself to the womb and draws nourish-

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and finalty disappears, except perhaps, that it is still noticed in the

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effects, they are not the only ones which give evidence of disturbance.

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ate accumulation of fat in the body as compared with the fat-forming


mastoid cells behind the ear and the Eustachian tube. The drum

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alcohol. The injury to this organ is usually serious and severe. Al-

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tedious process of healing. After a felon is opened it should be

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definite course. It is a fever of hot countries, caused by disease

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now excretes much smaller quantities of sugar under the same diet, and

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tions were 40 to tne minute. The pulse rate was 84, the arterial tension was

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called to see a patient with diabetes who told me that his trouble was

colostomy bag care for infants

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arteries leads to starvation, degeneration, and rupture of the cardiac

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of benzoated oxide of zinc ointment, to which a little chloroform

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