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be general clumping with the dilution of 1 to 50 or higher m one hour, and
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bacteria, the destruction of which is not accomplished by free lysins (strepto-
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very quickly after the latter, bespeaking marked venous stagnation in the
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of the unshaved and unexposed ones did so. Similar results A\ere obtained
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or barley water, in small quantities and at rather long intervals at first, until
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the part of the healthy lung tissue; in some cases it covers a neighboring lobe
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of measles. Rubella is not nearly so common as is generally supposed, and
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and cyanotic, the eyes are suffused, and the veins of the neck and head
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and added to about 10 cc. of the media. This greatly simplifies the use of blood
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of influenza other diseases are at times wrongly included under its manifes-
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even possibly not insurable at all on any plan without finan-
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appointed by the Clmical Society of London set the incubation from four-
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are many applications that may be used but perhaps the boric acid poultice,
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quite frequently; he attributes it to the action of the antitoxin, and considers
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the exl ibition of an antiseptic will inhibit the development
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the head and spine are used. Laryngitis may be success-
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stomach, as ordinary gastric ulcer may co-exist Mdth typhoid fever. Redness
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vapors. A dram (4gm.) of any one of these is added to a pint (500 cc.) of
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an attack of erysipelas. Conversely, erysipelas is reputed to be curative of a
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that deserve consideration and discussion by the members
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tract; that Bacillus icteroides as the causative agent was present in the
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cotton on an applicator, and a solution of corrosive sublimate, 1 to 1,000,
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eruption, probably by causing increased vascularity. The eruption is often
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treatment. With the bath treatment the usual nervous manifestations are
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this Association be extended to our hosts for their uniform
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and hemorrhages upon the serous membranes and the walls of bowel are
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persons might be picked out who would be good subjects for
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the relapse is with a chill or with some complication. The duration of the
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by the Contagionists, who held the opinion that cholera was transferred from
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until the crisis had occurred. The experimental injection of dead virulent
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monia as a manifestation of influenza. In practically all series of cases, both
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undoubtedly increased temporarily to a great degree. Of course it is not
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precaution against exposure. Sylvester has reported a remarkable case in

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