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hospital in which he will serve his required interneship, the Dean of the College shall

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of caseation, fatty metamorphosis, and emulsification.

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When inoculated into man by a mosquito, they penetrate into the

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Of these cases, secondary symptoms have supervened in 14

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if adequate appropriations are made for the library and other needs

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of their teachers — the one appointed to its very vitals were endangered by intes-

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The latter incision favors hernia if prolonged drainage is required.

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development of round ulcer. Although, according to Ktihne, the amyloid

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In principle this is exactly Goodell's teaching of years

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their natural state, do not permit the coloring matter of the bile

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extent of the test-meal ; hence a loss of its validity, unless the


tes practices sobre el dia£rn6stico de la fiebro amarilla.

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is not yet settled whether these anti-malarial remedies, so called, [

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spike of from twelve to twenty brownish-green flowers which

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sociated. Inhibition of the auditory centre may precede the fit ; there is

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in the vast majority of cases of fractured mandible, immobilisa-

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day much viscid phlegm was spit up. Others (though fewer) spat only

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then pack from three to five yards of iodoform gauze into the pelvis, each strip

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mens of butter obtained in Berlin and fifty in Philadelphia. From

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antigen dose may be ascertained by preliminary titrations with several

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Besides athetosis, or mobile spasm, another form of involuntary move-

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by fatal results ; in fact, he believed that most of

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are round or oval and stain intensely with Unna's polychrome methylene blue

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the glycosuria has already been reduced to about 20 grams a day by

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David Q. Massey, MD, Family Practice, 113 First Street,

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