sprang from one race, an original pair. For ourself, we are not

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observing eyes, and they share with the rest of the

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well as during numerous other accidental or pathological conditions, is

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nier^e into the chronic form, and dry, plastic pericarditis often constitutes the

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rent attacks after the patient has been subjected to proper treatment call for surg-

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follows in the case of the female : The vestibule of the vagina and the mouth

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go to the biographies and autobiographical sketches of the

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of Dr. Gordon's book is occupied with remarks on Dr. Spurz-

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of. And occasionally we recognize still more distinctly the out-

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case no satisfactory^ opinion can be formed until the abdomen is

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a very fetid breath, and constant dribbling from the

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in reviewing and editing my submission, the author(s) undersigned hereby

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situated deep in the tissues, thus possessing a great

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solved in a volume of distilled water equal to three times that of the

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delirium accompanied this state, which usually proved fatal.

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significance, but for its victims it is portentous with evil. He

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Dr. Bray — According to our present Act, which we are trying to get a by-law framed to


would have been found. Is it to be considered a feature of the

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tion Jo we not classify as priiiiarv jjnital ciriliosis those in wliicli tiie liver

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Board of Health. Secretary Rankin and license be made a badge of special honor,

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ence in the clinical courses of members of the two groups.

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was the answer they got in return from the barber-surgeon.

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dent examination, and then treated and compared with some-

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pest-bacillen {Bac. suipestifer). Centralblatt fur Bakteriologie, abt. 1, orig., band 44,

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