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la excluded by the absence of cephalalgia, intolerance of light and sounds,

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with these symptoms there are epigastric oppression and burning sensations,

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Fees. — For a Certificate of Qualification to Practise, Six

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advanced life. It is doubtful whether it is more common in one sex than

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the crude coal-tar and the zinc oxide have been well incorporated, the

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run in the open, and looking back at their pursuers, while

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is gastric and mucous; it then becomes bilious, and finally is characteristically

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to result in cases of atrophy of the thyroid. The following have been

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us to this conclusion, so soon as a more exact study is made of

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amid symptoms of general dropsy. If an acute attack assumes the form of

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JD('f)iiiion. — A local endemic disease of hot climates, chiefly at-

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universe, w ch can't be charged upon the infinitely

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Amongst the curative means employed is, that of shading the

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Dr. Reed : Did the hemorrhage, previous to the delivery of the pla-

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downwards, and to the left; on the wire being withdrawn, the foreign body

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rella. Gaz. med. da Bahia, ] 891-2, 4. s., ii. 539-.M1.— Paget

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the tooth of a man up in Harlem while he himself sits on a

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gregational Church; Gynecology and Obstetrics, Y. M. C. A. Auditorium ;

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member of the Massachusetts Eclectic Medical Society.

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bom at full term the day before its mother died from

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tinuing to ooze abundantly, the blood coagulating with

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economy of labour in the section-cutting and of space in

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contact of long-enough duration for implantation can most readily

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injureti employee is discussed by L- U- Bulette in the

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