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tion tends to become more profuse and purulent than in fibrinous

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nasal surface. Does some vasomotory disturbance bring

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may materially aid in clearing up a doubtful case. This symptom has several

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dioxid content from 5.1 to 6 per cent., with an average of 5.8 per cent.

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Legislature. The need for political action has never

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Moreover, I shall treat of general pathology in its relation to medicine, pass-

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,aurr It ,,ppli> .iMr .it M- An .luln.^r.n .u - \,i>nn,- i- tlirn -t.-iifl^

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closed and the external ring is preserved. Whereas my

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injured, and find a constant rise of two to eight times normal

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it. I have known a severe attack produced by inhaling the fumes of sul-

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while the serum dried in the air loses its agglutinating power most rapidly of

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from being employed. To remedy this inconvemence, M. Parola

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the passage traversing the building. The width of each half

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loin and the thighs being slightly flexed. With a compress formed

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Wis., preferably one who has had practical experience i

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with tumefaction of the surrounding tissues. The tongue then

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