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cases of hyperacidity improve with reduction of carbohydrate and

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nitrate of silver results in the decolorisation of only a few of the endothelial

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the princes in Europe are plentifully fupplied : but

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the representative of Canada. The League of Nations Conference

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that this has yet been fufficiently afcertained : but

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coexistence with the ulceration of a catarrhal condition of the intestine.

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effluiva of the fhe-afs : he is very quick of hearing,

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confounded are cholera, acute rheumatism, typhoid fever, and beriberi.

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ver, »^/V/. How to C'jrrcfl the inconveniencies which may

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Lesions of the kidneys are sometimes observed, due to proliferation of

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tion of the fait, becaufe, by adhering to the inteftmes

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Naunyn quotes 124 cases of carcinoma of the gall bladder, and in 114

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fibrillating auricles. The result is that the ventricles beat more

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in yellow liquid, a shrunken horror, arms and legs drawn to-

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the majority of visceral symptoms are related to the activities of smooth

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somewhat stridulous over the left apex. The presence of a mediastinal

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that there are few people, fifty or more years of age, who are entirely

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vomiting, cramps in the legs, an elevated or subnormal temperature,

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nucleated. After a short time, usually within three weeks, the immature

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ry warm in a clofe cow-houfe, be well fupplied with

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the Medical 1 )e|iartnient thereof: the I'niversity ol' Toi'onto will

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beef. The meat left over was warmed up and eaten on the following

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especially in warm climates. It is distinguishable from other forms of

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If the afped of an ulcer is white and fmooth, as hap-

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pail, at three different times in the day, mixing with

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the problem of the premature deaths of middle and later life caused by

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abscesses in the liver. Patients may for many years be subject to these attacks. Sometimes

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the pancreatic duct. This probably bears on the statement, which I can

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Executive, Drs. Fred A. Clelaud. Samuel .Johnston, George H.

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membrane have been complete over a large area, further changes

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obrcr\ ed at the delivery of the cow, as at that of

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are fcarcely off the ground. In this pace, the farther

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the haunch, at the beginning of the flank, and changes

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to 400 or 500 oz. daily. The total solids are usually normal in amount,

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Prefer fresh food to preserved food as far as possible, at any rate make sure

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fate is definitely known have died, sepsis and lung complications rather

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of enjoyment and wealth which it affords us : for it

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No harm can result, no time is lost, and it is possible that a mistake in

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possible to distinguish with the naked eye early tubercles from the tissues

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changes as well, for only thus can we explain the convulsions and

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